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September 20, 2004

• Depp sells his share of Viper Room
Johnny Depp gets Pan-ned - Johnny talks about "Finding Neverland"

a short interview clip with Johnny and Kate Winslet

JOHNNY DEPP: Sadly, growing up I wasn't so familiar with the book, you know, or the play, when I was a kid. It was much more the animated feature, the cartoon from Disney. I mean, Which is great. I mean, it's a great thing. But it wasn't until much later in life that I read the book and went back and read the play. So but, I wasn't, I mean, it wasn't something that I was really deeply attracted to as a child. I was, you know, personally, I sort of tended to go a little bit more towards, I was kind of, I loved, like, monsters and stuff, you know? Like, I wanted to hang out with Frankenstein and Dracula, you know, the Mummy.

DAVID: Captain Hook's a monster.

JOHNNY DEPP: Captain Hook was, obviously was, yeah was my favourite, you know.

KATE WINSLET: J. M. Barrie really came into Sylvia's life at a time when, you know, she'd dealt with a lot. Her own husband had passed away not long before and she was left with four children to deal with all on her own. And, you know, I think that he put happiness and affection back into her world.

MARC FOSTER: Johnny Depp has this beautiful sense about him of being, having this child within him alive. And he's so good with children. He just could fit right in there and play with them. And that's the beauty about him. So I could never have signed anybody else. Apart from that he's obviously a brilliant actor.

JOHNNY DEPP: As a parent, you know, I mean, one of the most important things is to protect that world, you know, to not let my kids see the horrors of the world through the, you know through the, for lack of a better word, the 'glass tit' - you know, the television. I remember being a kid in the early '70s watching Vietnam, you know, the war, on television. And, like, it was nothing. It was just another TV program. And I don't want that for my kids. I think, I think, Yeah. To maintain that ability to dream and believe in beautiful things.
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